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Sarah's story

What did you guess my family loves to tease me about?
I bet you didn’t say SALAD DRESSINGS!
Yes, my name is Sarah, and I am addicted to the continual pursuit of the best salad dressing ever.
Thus the 12-16 bottles in our fridge! 
Anyway… moving on. Here is a bit of my story…
I grew up in Madison, Wi. I met my husband Craig at Iowa State University and after we were married we moved around the country while he was serving in the Navy. We moved back to Wisconsin, where I grew up after 16.
Together they have 5 awesome-and-imperfect children, 4 by birth and 1 by marriage.
I am now a Gram for the first time and is in love with the first (of many hopefully) grandchildren!
I am the owner and creative director of Cellar Designs. I started the business in 2009. I create hand lettered signs with reclaimed wood and architectural finds, watercolor paintings, calligraphy prints, and have written a book.
I also offer hand lettering workshops throughout the year.
I have always felt there was power in words, warmth in color, strength in typography, healing in lettering, and an abundance of blessings found
in inspired art. I am amazed daily of how that shows up to be the truth.
My faith is at the core of who I am. I believe we should all live more like Jesus...
loving everyone {especially those who feel unloved by the world}, showing kindness to others, and being gracious.
I have discovered, in the past few years, that Cellar Designs is way more than a business. It is a ministry. It is my heart.
And... I am grateful.